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Laura Polanco
Artist & Teacher

Laura has always enjoyed creating and began painting in watercolor in her thirties after taking a few watercolor lessons. She considers herself self-taught and says she begins a painting with an idea but often the painting will have a life of its own, turning out differently than her original intent. Laura is considered a versatile painter wanting to try all mediums, styles and platforms to trial her imagination. Most of her work is a form of impressionism where she takes images from her mind, or, she see’s the shape in the blank spaces of the canvas and paints as boldly and as vividly as she can, experimenting with color and technique as she goes. Laura’s work moves between impressionism and abstract depending on her subject matter and her mood. She also purposefully paints landscapes and waterscapes as she enjoys the challenge of bringing a painting to life. She is now a full-time artist and her love of color is unmistakable, from her landscapes to her still lifes, all contain a tangible warmth. Laura is also passionate about helping people either with their health and wellness or reaching for their goals and dreams. The “Art of Yoga” is an example of this as she creates a container for all upcoming artists, including herself, where all can find a safe place to showcase their artistic talents.


A sampling of Laura Polanco’s art is shown below, feel free to take a look. To navigate to the portfolio item just click.

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The beauty of Art, the meditative practice of Yoga, combined to provide a contemplative experience.
Classes are for all levels of experience, focusing on gentle restorative postures, breath work, and awareness practices.

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